Colonial Shuttlecraft:

Primary short-range transport and cargo vessel used by the Colonials, this type shuttlecraft is designed for flight both in atmosphere and the vacuum of space. Colonial Shuttle can carry over twenty persons as well as a Land-Ram type ground assault vehicle.

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Colonial Movers :

Colonial Movers was once one of the largest freight companies in the Colonies, the Colonial Movers transport featured right being the vessel of choice for Space Truckers. Now these ships help to keep the fleet and its many people alive in safe as they make their journey to earth.

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Electronics Ship, Celestra:

Electronics ship were support/service vessels for the Colonial military fleet, assigned to the task of computer and electronics repair and was also designed to act as a scanner jamming vessel to mask fleet movements.

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Mineral Ship:

This deep-space Mineral Ship was used primarily for planetary survey and ore extraction. Often this type of vessel would search out Tylium deposites and other valuable ores that were used to keep the Colonial economy and military effort strong.

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Rising Star :

A former luxury liner the Rising Star was used to fairy people to all of the twelve colonies, allied home worlds and outposts. Rising Star survived the Cylon onslaught because she was in stransit between worlds when the Cylon attack began and is now one of the primary food/recreation vessels in the Rag-Tag fleet.

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Prison Barge :

Beleived to have once been a luxury liner this class vessel now opperates as a prison barge where those who commit criminal acts within the fleet are held. Colonials have no death penalty and so dangerous criminals, even the traitor Baltar, call this ship their home.

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Freighter Gemini:

One of the larger ships in the Colonial Rag-Tag fleet, the Gemini Freighters were some of the oldest but most dependable workhorses in the fleet. Living conditions on this type vessel was very poor but as this ship was designed for long distance hauling it was ideal for the Human's needs during the exodus from the Colonies.

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Foundry Ship:

Designed to mine and proccess ores this type ship could often be found in asteroid fields, processing the raw materials for productive use by the Colonies. Sevral of these ships survived the Cylon attack as most of them were indeed tucked inside asteroid fields, processing ore.

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